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Emirates ID Application


• Emirates ID application should be attached with Visa stamping form. Type Medical & ID application and go for Medical first, then do fingerprint at EIDA Centre near Medical Clinic. No need appointment for new visa holders.


• Typed Application, Original Passport and Original Visa

• Registration fees: AED 170 per year (270 / 370)

Registration centers for New Visa Holders:

Timing: 7:30am to 3:30pm (Sunday to Thursday)

Al Baraha, Near Emarat Petrol Station, Villa 23, Street 14, Community 122 , Tel: 04-255 0081

Al Qouze Mall, Al Qouze Ind-3, Next to Al kabayel Centre

Timing: 7am to 9:30pm (Sunday to Thursday)

Satwa, Opp. Medical Centre, Near Post Office/Bus Stand


Timing: 24 Hours (Friday Holiday, Sat: 7:30am to 9:30pm)

Muhaisina: Near Medical Centre, Behind Graveyard, Street No.8, RTA Bus No. 13 goes to that area.

Location of Al Muhaisnah Medical Centre

Take the E311 Emirates Road towards Sharjah past the airport. Turn right on exit 63 on route D97- the exit pasts the cemetery and labour camps on the right. Go to the first roundabout and turn right. Follow the signs to the medical centre (after turning right at the roundabout – proceed straight ahead for 1.3 km before turning right at the end of the cemetery. Then proceed nearly to the end of the road (where it intersects with E311) and turn left. The Medical Fitness Clinic is on the left after about 100 meters. Park outside in the street.

CHILDREN: Children under 15 can apply for Emirates ID card until 30 September 2012 without fine. Renewal late fine also exempted for children until 30 September 2012.

NOTE: Children under 15 years across the UAE whose residences expire before December 31st, 2012 are excluded from the children's registration deadline, provided that this category will be registered by the time of their residence renewal procedures.


• Emirates ID application should be attached with Visa renewal form. No need fingerprint for ID card renewal.

Fees: according to the visa renewal period (AED 270/370). Renewed Card will come through Emirates Post after visa renewed in the passport.


July 1, 2011 will be the deadline for renewing all identity cards expiring up to that date. Any cardholder across the UAE, with the exception of children under 15 years, has 30 days to renew the card from the date of expiry.

The Ministerial Decision No. 25 of 2011 stipulates a penalty of Dh20 per day up to a maximum of Dh1,000 for the following offences:


 Delay in registration or issuance of identity cards, for all categories and age groups

 Delay in renewing ID cards, for all categories and ages (effective 30 days from expiry of the card)

 Delay in reporting any change or modification in the cardholder's personal data or incidents, for all categories and age groups (after 30 days from the date of the change)01/06/2012



Steps to follow: Type the application at any of the certified typing centre and make payment there, wait for the appointment message through SMS, go to the EIDA centre at the time mentioned in the SMS. There they will take finger print and photo. ID Card will be delivered through courier after three weeks.

• Registration centers in Dubai

• Working Hours: 7:30am to 3:30pm (Sunday to Thursday)

Al Baraha, Near Emarat Petrol Station, Villa 23, Street 14, Community 122 , Tel: 04-255 0081

• Working Hours: 7am to 8pm (Sunday to Thursday)

Al Barsha: Tel. 043417417

Al Rashidiya: Tel. 042845252

Al Karama Head Post Office: Tel. 043342055

Immigration Head Office, Jaffliyya: 043981331

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Deira: 1st Floor, Shop No. 141, The Galleria. Timing: 8am to 4pm(Sunday to Thursday).

Satwa: Opp. Medical Fitness Centre, Near Post Office / Bus Stand, Timing: 7am to 2:30pm(Sunday to Thursday), RTA Bus Route: C14

Jaffiliyya Immigration Head Office: Tel. 043981331, Timing: 7:30am to 2:30pm

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Timing: 7:30am to 2:30pm

Sharjah: Al Rahmania, near interchange No: 6, next to the Directorate of Human Resources in Al Zeid Street. Tel. 06-7554000

• Pre-registration Form and Original Passport to be taken to Registration Centre.

• Photo Capturing, Finger Print and Passport Verification at Registration Centre.

• Passport validity less than one month will not be accepted.

• Fees: Dh170 for every valid year of Residence (170/270/370). (Eg. If the visa is valid for 3 years Dh 370 to be paid).

• ID Card will be delivered by courier within 3 weeks.

• Children must submit one photo with light blue background. No need their presence at EIDA centre. Fees same as for adults. Procedures can be completed from the certified Typing Center.


Emirates ID Renewal:

ID card validity is directly linked to the validity of the residency permit, once expired or terminated the ID card Expires.

Required Documents: Original ID Card, Original Passport with valid visa. Service available at the authorized typing centres. No need to visit EIDA Service Centre. Previous fingerprint and photo are enough. You will receive SMS from Emirates post to collect the Card from their office. Take original ID renewal application and passport copy with you when you go to Emirates Post to collect your card. Incase the previous fingerprint is not clear, the applicant will receive an SMS to attend for fingerprint again.

Sponsorship/Profession/Passport Change:

Incase of visa/profession/passport change that information has to be updated in Emirates ID. Visit any certified Typing Centre with original passport and original ID Card to amend the information.


You can track your Emirates ID delivery through Emirates Post Website after you receive ID tracking number from Emirates Post through SMS. Click here to check status of your Emirates ID Application.


Online: How to register

• Fill in the E-form at authorized Typing Center.

• Following Documents are required when filling the E-form at the Typing Center:


• Original valid passport with valid residency permit.

• Registration fees: Dh170 per year (170/270/370)

• For children below 15 years old: Colored passport-size photo with light blue background.


• On completion of typing the E-form, the applicant will receive an SMS informing the date and place of registration.


• After receiving the SMS, the applicant should visit the service centre stated in the SMS taking his/her original passport on the date and time to complete photographing and fingerprinting process.

• For more information, please contact EIDA Call Center at (6005 30003 / 04-237 6000)

• ID Card will be delivered by Emirates Post within three weeks.

UAE Nationals

• Original valid passport.

• Original Family Book (Khulasatul Qaid).

• Registration fees: Dh170 (validity as per passport validity and maximum 5 years)

• For children below 15 years old: Colored passport-size photo with light blue background.

GCC Nationals

• Original valid passport.

• Original document proofing holder's residence in the UAE: (valid employment certification or valid lease agreement).

• Registration fees: Dh100+70 per year. (validity as per passport validity and maximum 5 years)

• For children below 15 years old: Colored passport-size photo with light blue background.

  click here for Frequently Asked Questions on  Emirates ID



The following are locations of centres for registering for ID cards:

Abu Dhabi: Al Mashrif registration Centre

Masafa Street, Al Mashrif, Tel. 02-4046688

Working hours: Sunday-Thursday (7:30am-8:30pm) & Saturday (8am-2pm).

Al Ain Registration Centre: Shaikh Zayed Street, Al Jehali 16. Tel. 03-7550777.

Sharjah Registration Centre: Al Rahmania, near interchange No: 6, next to the Directorate of Human Resources in Al Zeid Street. Tel. 06-7554000, Timing: 7:30am to 8:30pm

Ajman Registration Centre: Behind Immigration Building, Tel. 06-7484777.

Ras Al Khaimah Registration Centre: Safeer Shopping Mall, First Floor, Near KFC Tel. 07-2351153.

Fujairah Registration Centre: Hamad Bin Abdullah Street, Opp. Etisalat Tower, Tel. 09-2242552.

Umm Al Quwain Registration Centre: Opp. Municipality Building, Tel. 06-7655111

Sunday to Thursday 7am to 3pm.

Card Utilizations

As of Today Usage

• The Identity Card can be used as a unified identification document with all the government, semi-government authorities and private entities. An individual may utilize it to obtain all the administrative services easily and promptly guaranteeing the highest levels of security and privacy

• UAE National may utilize the Identity Card as a traveling document to travel among the GCC neighboring countries.

• The ID card can be used to logon to Computers and Access online services

• The ID card can be used for access control, signing electronic forms, and signing documents to protect it from being altered by others

• It is agreed with the Ministry of Finance to include the e-Dirham service to the Identity Card

• It is agreed with the Ministry of Interior to include the e-Gate service to the Identity Card

• The ID Card can be used on Abdu Dhabi e-Gov portal www.Abudhabi.ae to Authenticate your identity and get access to services

Future Usage

Thanks to the systems integration Emirates Identity Authority envisioning to achieve with various governmental, semi-governmental, and private sectors, it is expected to extend the identity utilizations in the future to include other domains especially after completion of the registration of all national and residents of the United Arab Emirates. The ID Card maybe utilized in the future to store other cards information or provide various applications as follows:

• Labor Card.

• Health Card and Health Insurance card.

• Electronic Portfolio.

• Commercial and Banking applications

• Driving License.

• Passport.

• In addition, the ID Card acts as an infrastructure to many applications and services to entities to use such as:

- Public Libraries and rental stores to check out books, movies, games, cars, and others

- Utilized to get access to exhibitions

- Metro, public transportations

Lost \ Stolen ID card

1. Visit nearest EIDA registration Center to collect IDN Certificate and go to the certified Typing Centre to apply in lieu of lost. Show copy of your ID or old registration receipt or original passport to collect IDN Certificate.  Reissuing fee is Dh300).

2. Once the case is reported, the system automatically deactivates the ID card and thus the Card can’t be used for authenticating the holder anymore.

Pin Code & Activation

Protecting your PIN is up to you. Think of it like a key. Instead of unlocking the door to your house or car, your PIN unlocks the gateway to your personal information. We regularly lock our houses and cars, but too often, we’re careless about the “keys” to our Personal information and possibly soon our financial, Health, and private information.

PIN Code

1. The pin code is one of the means used to get access to the private data in your card and authenticate your identity, it comprise of 4 digits and recommended to be changed regularly (using Card reading program offered by EIDA).

2. In the case of attempting three false entry of your pin code the ID Card deactivates this functionality and in order to reactivate it, you shall visit the nearest registration center or EIDA kiosk machine (soon).

Reactivation process

In case you have not activated the Pin Code during the registration process or you have accidentally deactivated your pin functionality, visit our nearest registration center (no need for an appointment) notify the center supervisor that you would like to activate your pin, the ID Card is required during this process, and you must authenticate yourself to set new 4 digit pin code.

  To prepare your Emirates ID application Call:

Muraqabat (Deira): 04-239 7363

Qusais: 04-239 1302

Bur Dubai: 04-358 6215


Hor Al Anz: 04-265 8373

For more information please contact me on

Mobile +971553350517

Email: winstonk@live.com

Skype Winston.wambua

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