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EJARI (Tenancy Contract Online Registration)

Tenancy Contract online registration is mandatory for Trade License new/renewal, Family visa new/renewal and for Municipality related transactions.



• Tenancy Contract original signed by both parties

• Passport Copy+ Visa page of Tenant

• DEWA latest bill or Registration Deposit Bill

• Mobile number of Tenant

• Shop/Unit/Villa/Flat Number


• Tenancy Contract original signed by both parties

• Trade License copy or Initial Approval & Name Reservation Certificate

• DEWA latest bill or Registration Deposit Bill

• Passport Copy of Tenant/License owner/Partner

• Contact Person's Name and Mobile Number

• Shop/Unit/Villa/Flat number


• Plot Number should be written on the Tenancy Contract. Otherwise, Title Deed (Land ownership Certificate) or Municipality Affection Plan is required.

• Registration Fees: Dh195

Information Required:

Tenant: _________________________

Mobile #: ________________________

Nationality: ______________________

Landlord: ________________________

Nationality: ________________________

Plot No.: _________________________

Area : _________________________

DEWA A/C#: ____________________

Reason for Registration:




Others __________________________

What is EJARI?

EJARI means ‘My Rent’ in Arabic. Ejari is a system that is governed by RERA to make registration of rental / lease agreements easy and accessible to Owners and Real Estate Management Companies of various categories. The Ejari system provides a full portfolio of services beyond registering the initial lease agreement. Renewals, cancellations, transfers and terminations can all be logged.

NOTE: EJARI registration cannot be done if the Tenancy Contract is issued from other emirates (eg. Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman..etc). In that case, the contract has to be attested from concerned Municipality/Land Department and attach Electricity Bill.

Municipalities in different Emirates 

• Sharjah Municipality

• Ajman Land and Property Department

• Abu Dhabi Municipality

• Al Ain Municipality

• Fujairah Municipality

Frequently Asked Question

Q: I understand that at the time of renewing a flat, I should pay not more than Dh260 for renewal. The agent at International City asked me for Dh1,000 to Dh1,500 to renew the contract. I stayed for one year and the agent is asking me paint the studio apartment or pay Dh250. I went to the police station whereby I have been told to pay Dh150 for the painting. Is this rule applicable in Dubai?

A: As a general rule, a tenancy contract should be renewed on the same terms and conditions unless the parties to the contract otherwise agree. If the parties do not agree, the increase must be approved by the Rent Committee. A landlord/agent cannot increase the rent or related expenses without obtaining a verdict from the Rent Committee.

Furthermore, on one hand, while the law imposes an obligation upon the landlord to hand over the property in good condition, on the other hand, the law obliges the tenant to take care of the leased property. No person, including the agent or landlord, is allowed to impose a fine or decide the value of damage without obtaining a valid verdict from the Rent Committee. If the condition of the paint is normal and comes under normal wear and tear, it is the landlord’s responsibility. Otherwise, it will be your responsibility.

It is worthy to note here that in case of dispute between you and the landlord regarding its condition, the dispute should be referred to the Rent Committee.



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