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Dubai Employment Visa Cancellation

Required Documents:-

• Original Passport

• Original Labour Card (Work Permit)

• Original E-signature card of authorized signatory

• Trade License copy

• Labour Establishment Card copy

• Immigration Establishment Card copy

• Typed Application (separate application for Labour & Immigration )

  Application Fee: No Government fee for Labour Card Cancellation (Dh50 service charge to be paid) at m  Tas'heel Centre.   

  Immigration Fee: Dh70 (service charge extra) to be paid at Typing Centre for canceling visa in the passport.


• Type application forms. Put company seal and signature of the sponsor on Immigration application. On labour form signature of the sponsor will come through E-signature cardpunching.

• Employee's signature required on labour application under his statement I certify that i received all my dues and entitlements. Employee should not sign before receiving his dues if any.

• Submit the labour form at Tas'heel Centre (Dh35 to be paid there) and attach the receipt with Immigration form and submit at the Immigration counter along with original passport. Labour Card cancellation can be completed at Tas'heel Centre. No need to go to Ministry of Labour.


NOTE: If the applicant has dependents (spouse, children, maid) under his sponsorship, their visa must be cancelled before canceling his visa in the passport. Or If he has got new Employment Visa/Investor visa offer, he can deposit Dh5000 at immigration office to avoid canceling his dependents visa. Once his new visa stamped, he can refund Dh5000.

To deposit Dh5000, the applicant has to take his original passport, cancellation slip of Labour Card, offer letter in Arabic from new sponsor and original passport of dependents to immigration.



• Take original deposit receipt, your passport and new labour contract to Refund Counter at Immigration Head Office at Jafiliya.

• Get no objection for refund seal from the counter and go to Dubai Commercial Bank (next to Immigration building) and collect the cash. Bank will charge Dh10 as commission.  


Immigration Main Branch

Bur Dubai, Karama

Phone: 04-398000

Customer Service: 04-3139999

  AMER Service: 8005111 (Immigration Call Center)


  There are 60 days grace period for Labour Card from the date of expiry, and 30 days grace period for Visa in the passport.

  Applicant can stay in UAE 30 days from the date of cancellation if his visa was not expired at the time of cancellation. If the cancellation done during the grace period, remaining days will be allowed to stay without fine. If the the cancellation done during overstay period, 6 days will be granted from the date of cancellation.

  Fine Dh15 per day will be calculated for Residence visa overstay if change status inside the country. Dh25 per day to be paid if he/she exits.

  Fine can be paid at Immigration or Airport at the time of exit.

  Six months Ban will be put at the time of Employment Visa cancellation if he/she didn't complete two years with the sponsor. This ban is applicable for Employment Visa only. He/she can apply for Visit/ Tourist/ Transit/ Investor/ Partner/ Spouse/ Free Zone Visa. To know conditions to apply employment visa during ban period click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much time will be required to resolve the dispute if I approach the Ministry of Labour to cancel my visa, since my employer is refusing to cancel my visa after I gave in my resignation (which he refused to accept) and I will complete my 30 days notice period.


A: If there is no dispute regarding the dues between you and employer, and you are  only approaching the Ministry of Labour to cancel your visa upon completion of the notice period, in this case, the cancellation procedures may be completed by the Ministry of Labour within almost two weeks.

Worker gets 30-day grace period after visa cancellation

Q: I came to Dubai on an employment visa in December 2011. However, the company I signed up for was not particularly to my liking and so I told them to cancel my visa. However, I have not been for a medical examination in this time, and the visa too was never stamped on my passport. My questions are: 1. How many days can I stay in the UAE after cancellation of my visa? 2. Shall I attract a one-year ban? 3. Is there any chance to come back on an employment visa after exiting the country in case the Ministry of Labour places a ban on me? Note that I had not started working at the company.

A: The questioner may stay in the country for 30 days after cancellation of his visa. A one-year ban might be imposed if the sponsor has made such a request on the grounds that the questioner has not started work with the company and thus caused a loss to the sponsor. Therefore, in the event of a ban being imposed on the questioner, the questioner may not enter the country on employment visa immediately, but only after finishing the ban (GN).
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  1. Sir, i am working in a llc company at dubai, my labour card has expired on 7th january 2013 but my visa will expire on 6th march 2013. can you please tell me how long i can stay in dubai and before which date i have to cancel/renew my visa ?


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