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Introduction on Business in Abu Dhabi

The economy of the UAE is mainly oil-based, tourism and gold  although diversification is encouraged. The oil and gas industry remains fundamental to the UAE economy, and particularly that of Abu Dhabi, which has the majority of the UAEs oil and gas reserves.
Abu Dhabi is the federal capital of the UAE and is the site of a number of federal ministries, the UAE Central Bank and other government institutions and agencies.

Legal Framework

Administrative authority

Every Emirate is ruled by its own Sheikh, commonly known as the Ruler. The Ruler in Abu Dhabi is HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who was the first and is the current President of the Federation. The Ruler is the ultimate governmental authority in his own Emirate and, in the absence of federal legislation on areas specifically reserved to Federal Authorities, will apply his own rules, regulations and practices.

The Supreme Council is the highest Executive Authority within the Federation of the UAE
and comprises the Rulers from each of the 7 Emirates.

The legislature

Surrounded by addition to the Supreme Council of Rulers, the Federal Government includes the Council of Ministers, which is responsible to the Supreme Council for the Federations general internal and external policy.

There is also a Federal National Council, which is responsible under the Constitution for examining and has a limited power to amend proposed federal legislation.

Legal system

In Abu Dhabi there are two systems of law and courts: the Sharia (Islamic) Law and the general civil law. The Sharia Courts operate alongside the civil courts, having a parallel and exclusive jurisdiction in matters relating to personal status, divorce and inheritance.  Islamic

Sharia is regarded as the primary (but not the sole) source of law. Federal courts will not apply
statute and legal principles if inconsistent with the Sharia.
Legal proceedings brought under the civil law are commenced in the Court of First Instance with a
right of appeal to the Federal Court of Appeal. A further appeal to the Federal Supreme Court
 (based in Abu Dhabi) is also available.
In common with the other Emirates, Abu Dhabi has a municipality court which deals with
matters relating to industrial land and market disputes.

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