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Company Formation in Dubai Free zone Biotechnology and Research Park

DuBiotech would be the World’s first Free Zone dedicated to the biotechnology industry

and is a part of Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone. DuBiotech will create a

comprehensive infrastructure and environment to develop biotechnology in the region.

The park will be built in several phases on a 300 hectare area located close to the

Dubailand project. This zone aims at serving knowledge that benefits both the society

and the economy and would be an ideal platform for the regional and international

scientific community to interact closely.

Construction of DuBiotech’s main infrastructure is underway and the first phase was

completed in 2007. The DuBiotech Laboratory Complex will be completed by the end of

2008 and DuBiotech’s Headquarters will be completed by mid 2009.

Discoveries and inventions can be patented through the Industrial Property Directorate

(the UAE equivalent of the Patent Office), at the Ministry of Finance and Industry.

The applications are then examined and following approval, a UAE patent is granted.

Innovators also have the option of applying through the GCC patent office in Saudi

Arabia, which provides GCC-wide protection. Additionally, the UAE is party to the Patent

Cooperation Treaty (PCT). This allows for a centralised application system where any

PCT member state can designate any other PCT member state for patent filing. This is an

easy and cost effective way of protecting a patent internationally. Intellectual Property (IP) rights are recognised in the UAE and therefore strict enforcement will exist for DuBiotech based companies. DuBiotech supports companies registering Intellectual Property rights and expedites processing and registering these Small and medium enterprises and large biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, R&D laboratories, biotechnology related educational and academic institutions, suppliers, manufacturing, incubators and other associated sectors are encouraged to establish operations at DuBiotech.

The UAE Ministry of Health oversees the approval of medical drugs and products for

use within the UAE. DuBiotech, through its MOU, regulations and close collaboration

with the UAE Ministry of Health, assists DuBiotech based companies to successfully

launch drugs in national and regional markets. Any drugs that are exported to the US or

Europe have to be approved by the FDA and EMEA respectively. DuBiotech understands

that clinical trial regulations are needed in the region and these are currently under

development. Stem cell research will be conducted in a regulated environment

conforming to international standards.

DuBiotech will be an incubator for researchers and scientists and a centre for production,

creativity and development. In order to achieve that, the authorities will ensure a suitable

environment and the basic infrastructure that will attract the best scientists, research

centers and biotechnology laboratories. BioTiqania Advanced Training Institute was

founded as a spin-off initiative of Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park (DuBiotech).

BioTiqania is committed to providing a high standard of innovative technical training in

various scientific and industrial fields.

The park will comprise two main initiatives - an industry cluster and the Foundation

for Research and Innovation (FRI). As part of developing a cluster, DuBiotech seeks

to attract a synergistic mix of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies active in discovery, R&D, testing, production, storage, sales and distribution. It will also attract

companies offering business support services for this industry such as legal and

venture capital (VC) firms specializing in the biotech industry, educational and training

institutions focused on biotech, and equipment, materials and consumables suppliers.

The main license categories are Therapeutics, Diagnostics and Analysis, Agricultural,

Forestry and Horticulture, Environment, Specialty supplies, Equipment, Life Science

consultancy and Life Science and Biomedical Associations, etc.


• State-of-the-art infrastructure

• Special areas have been set aside for companies who wish to construct their own buildings.

• Dedicated production, warehousing and distribution areas will be created.

• Laboratory space.

• Common facilities include a library, video-conferencing, auditorium, theatre, meeting

   rooms, etc

• 24/7 electrical power back up

• Waste management and effluent treatment including the disposal of chemical,

   biological and hazardous materials

Form of registration

• As a branch of a foreign company - no minimum capital required.

• As a branch of a UAE company - no minimum capital required.

• As a Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC) - minimum share capital varies

 depending on the authorities after review of the business plan.

Facility costs and type of license

Cost in AED per annum
Land (lease-hold only)
Min 38,000 sq.ft onwards
Executive Office
450/ sq.ft
Pre-Built Units
Laboratory Space

·         Registration Fee one time (FZ-LLC) AED 3,500

·         Registration Fee one time (Branch) AED 3,500

Type of License                                 Cost in AED per annum

  • Production                                                 25,000
  • Manufacturing                                            25,000
  • Others                                                       15,000

These figures are indicative and subject to change.

Posted by Winston Karumba, Senior Business Consultant at Adam Consulting

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