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Company Formation Dubai Flower Center Free Zone

Strategically located at Dubai International Airport, the Dubai Flower Centre is a new hub of growth for the floriculture industry in the 21st century. With the explosive growth in global trade of flowers and perishables, there is an increasing demand for innovative logistics and commercial solutions to enable the industry to reduce transit times improve quality and grow profits. Dubai Flower Centre (DFC) is a transshipment centre for cool chain processes that effectively safeguard product quality, maximize shelf life, thereby enhancing profitability. Dubai Flower Centre’s tightly controlled environment from plane to consignee prevents a break in the supply chain The in-house operations team is complemented by:-

 · Consolidation/repackaging for transshipment to worldwide destinations

· Pre-assembly of product lines sourced from around the world and tailored to end markets

· Fruit and vegetable pack house – professional packaging for direct sale

 · Value added services

e.g. bouquet making Dubai Flower Centre is also the one-stop shop for local and international buyers, traders, producers and exporters. Free-zone environment In line with Dubai’s policy of offering a “free and fair” business environment, the free zone is organized to meet the requirements of companies establishing themselves at the airport. Dubai Flower Centre’s Free Zone facilities provide attractive business incentives including 100% foreign ownership, a corporate tax holiday for 15 years, no personal income tax, freedom to repatriate both capital and profits and no currency restrictions. Operating within a Free zone environment and incorporating the latest technology and process, the Dubai Flower centre ensures seamless and prompt delivery from the producer to end consumer, wherever in the world they may be. The Dubai Flower Centre is perfectly placed to cater to the needs of diversifying markets and the demand of a growing perishables industry.


.Particulars FZE FZC Branch

.Licensing Fee AED 10,000/- FZE

.Licensing Fee AED 10,000/- FZC

.Licensing Fee AED 15,000/- Branch

.Registration Fees AED 10,000/- (One time) AED 15,000/- (One time) NIL

.Capital AED 1000,000 AED 500,000 NIL

.Note: 1 USD = AED 3.67

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