Saturday, 7 April 2012

Dubai Trading License

Did you know that with Dubai Trade license you are allowed to choose only 5 activities, like

 Garment trading you are allowed similar activities on your license bear in mind that they

have to be 5 ........ Garments and Trading + E  Commers  , Handbags Trading , Shoe Trading ,

Gifts Trading, Glass & Mirrors  Trading. Dubai Trading license ( L L C ) This Dubai Trading

license will be approx AED $ 5500.00 including labour and immigration card, also You need to

have a UEA Nationality sponsoron this license. Sponsor will own 51% Shares in this company

and you as expatriate 49%. On the Memoranda of association you will be fully protected

meaning that the local sponsor has no power Expect signing on the immigration and labour

 cards,  stay tune for more tips on incorporation in  dubai/UAE

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