Saturday, 7 April 2012

Checklist for Offshore Company in JAFZA , RAKIA and RAK FZ UAE

In UAE we have 3 jurisdiction where you can incorporate your offshore company, JAFZA,

RAKIA and RAK FZ. Offshore company can be established by either individual or a

Companies a parent company. here are the basic info on which document you are

required between both :-

(a) Individual Share holders

1. CV

2. Passport copies of Partners/ Directors

3. Bank Reference letter

4. Address Proof (Copy of Utility bill)

5. Brief Profile on Company Activity

(b) Corporate share holders
1. Company registration (Incorporation) certificate ( Attested)
2. True copy of company’s memorandum / articles of association (Attested)
3. Board of Directors Resolution for establishing an offshore company in UAE
4. Board Resolution for appointing a Director / Manager for the UAE offshore company with all powers to sign and act on behalf of the parent company
5. Passport copy of the Director for Dubai operation
6. Power of Attorney to the Director / Director
7. Brief Profile on Company Activity

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