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Dubai UAE Licensing and Registration

Dubai UAE Licensing and Registration

Prior to starting any business in Dubai, the steps outlined below must be followed in order to meet the legal requirements of all concerned government authorities:

 Identifying the type of business activity/activities to be practiced (commercial, industrial and/or professional).

 Determine all the related business activities that can be included within each business license, subject to a maximum of ten activities per license.

 Determine the appropriate legal form for your business taking into consideration the desired business activity/activities and the number and nationalities of the business owners.

 Prepare all the requirements of the license to be issued.

 Determine the trade name of the business.

 Submit an application to the DED for an initial approval and registration of trade name either by a personal visit to the Department Offices or through a document clearing service or a legal consultant's office.

 Lease of business premises (it is recommended that you contact the counter of the Planning Department of Dubai Municipality on Telephone Number 2020105 or on Dubai Municipality's Telephone Number 2063788, before leasing premises in order to verify that it is suitable for the business). Thereafter you can visit the said Department's counter on the building's first floor for approval of the premises.

 Prepare all required documents such as Memorandum of Association and other contracts such as the appointment of local service agent, which has to be authenticated by the Notary Public and approvals of other relevant government authorities, which are necessary in some cases. For example, to carry on media activities, an approval issued by the National Media Council is required.

 Submit an application to the DED to obtain a final license. Applications can be submitted through a document clearing service or a legal consultant's office.

 Pay the required fees to have a license issued

 Submit an application to the Department for a signboard permit for a business trade name as required by the regulations. However, office premises would be an exception to this.

 To obtain necessary connections for telephone, fax, and Internet services, an application must be submitted to either Emirates Telecommunications Corporation "Etisalat" or Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company "du".

 To obtain a Post Office Box for an establishment, an application must be submitted   to     the
"General Postal Authority.” You may visit the said Authority’s website at

 Obtain necessary work permits for business employees and management; an application must be submitted to both the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Department of Naturalization and Residence. For more information you may visit the Department of Naturalization and Residence website at, and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs website

 To register a trademark or a commercial agency, you must refer to the Ministry of     Economy.

You may visit the said Ministry's website at

 If you wish to run a promotional campaign or a commercial offer, or if you wish to carry out an activity after official working hours or additional activities etc., an application must be submitted to the DED branch at Al Tawar Trade Center for the necessary permit.

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