Friday, 16 March 2012

Why Dubai, to set up a company or business set up

Lots reasons to choose to set up or expand your Business in Dubai (UAE) and reasons why Dubai still remains by far the number one business location in the Middle East. Dubai has always managed to stabilise itself financially and is starting to show signs of a very strong recovery. There is numerous reasons for this and none more forceful than the economic diversity of Dubai. The fact is that many years before the real estate boom, Dubai was still a very well-built and growing economy and was already the worldwide hub of the Middle East.

Dubai’s power industries include Shipping, Tourism, Media, IT, Retail, Exhibitions, General Trade, Gold & Diamond Trade & Banking as well as being one of the world’s major travel hubs. Where else can you think of that has such a strong business base for such a relatively small kingdom?

since Europe and the USA bed down for what looks like could be a long and drawn out period of low economic growth, high idleness and government financial plan cuts, Dubai looks more and more like the place to explore double digit growth. With easy geographical access to the tiger economies of the East and completely placed to access the growth and cash rich economies of the gulf as well as being by far the majority live able place in the Middle East and with no tax, low rents, a free lifestyle and great weather, Dubai makes the great choice.

Posted by Winston Wambua, Senior Business Consultant

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